1975 Telecaster Custom New In Box

Just found a classic Americam Dream Machine. A 1975 Telecaster
Custom that weighs in at 7.4 Lbs and has been sealed in a
factory case and box until today. This guitar has never been
touched since being shipped to a retailer in 1975. It's black
with a maple neck and it's now mine.

Link to pics: www.picturetrail.com/cultreri

Keith won't get this one from me......

Will post more pics later....
There were 3 guitars in total and 2 had issues because they
were apparently packed into their cases before their final finish coats were dry. Fuzz from the guitar case liners was caught
into the finish of the guitar bodies. (apparently, not such an
uncommon mistake during that period, according to a Fender

From what I've been told of the other 2 guitars, the problem is almost negligible, causing very minor rough spots on the back
and heel of the guitars. The others are both blondes and have
already been sold for slightly less than mine, which was an
absolute steal to begin with. A local tech that does work for me
was one of the actual finders and I went based on his facts and
photos and was able to get 1st pick. The other 2 were also
considerably heavier, both just crossing the 9Lb mark. Mine
weighs in at 7.4Lbs.

This is the second time I've seen something like this happen, and
the first time I was able to benefit from it. The prior incident
involved 2 original Bassman amps in cartons right here on Long
Island about 15 years ago. I got to see them but that was about it.

This is the truest version of NOS. I'll post more pics today.


CliffC...you're a helluva lucky dude - and you know it!!!! :dude
That IS an awesome piece you got yourself there!!
The Custom is my next telly-purchase.
I justo love those wide range puppies: I have a 74-ish Thinline and a 73-ish Deluxe and they both SMOKE!!
The only problms nowadays is that Fender is reissuing them again - complete with new "wide-range" pickups and I have the awful feeling that many miscreants will be truly tempted to fake these models too, since the prices have been steadily rising :( ...

JJ Paul
The Mexican ones are terrible, the Japanese ones can be made
useful by replacing all the electronics and hardware, and I have
yet to see an American "Classic 1972 Tele Custom" make it's
way into a retailer.

The threat of fakes is always present, that's why I make sure
that not only myself, but my #1 tech and an outside appraiser
are always involved. It's costly, but unfortunately the only
way to protect yourself and conduct business these days. I've
been hunting a good Tele Custom for some time now and the
wait has paid off bigger than I could have ever imagined. I
was just searching for a great players guitar. I got that plus a whole lot more.

Fortunately, this guitar will NOT sit in a glass display case. It's
going to get every ounce of tone pounded out of it because
it is a great sounding guitar with a neck to die for. The action is
now sitting way too low for me and I can't coax any fret buzz
out of it.


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That is a great score on one of my favorite guitars ever. I used to have one and stupidly sold it. I made myself another with a Fender Masterbuilt neck someone gave me (unbelieveable birdseye) and I got a Japanese black body. I have the Fender pickup in the neck and a HD bridge pickup. Titanium saddles. I have tweaked it and it now holds up to my old one----which was a very useful guitar. Rock, jazz, country, the guitar could do it all.

I'm gonna send you a clip I did with it (my old one) on a studio date. Both pickups on, the controls give you a lot of variation.

Phil M

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That is awesome, Cliff. Congratulations. I love those black Tele customs.
Thanks so much. This one fell from the sky into my lap. I sure
could use some change in my luck lately. Hopefully there's more
good luck where this came from.

Garrett Bagby

Man, that's just frickin unbelievable. I'm jealous.

Don't know if I could bring myself to play it though, after it's stayed so pristine for so long. Are those collectable? I'd be sooo tempted to "flip" it for some cash.

But, 7.4 lbs. Wow. *drool*
They were made to be played. If it wasn't right for me I'd flip
it for something else, but a Keith Richards custom Tele has got
to have a place in anyones heart and soul and sound.

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