Sold 1981 Fender Princeton Reverb - $940


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TLDR; It's a silverface Princeton Reverb. Yes, that's the original faceplate. Circuit blackfaced. Jupiter 10LC speaker. New Tubes.

Now the long version...1981 Princeton Reverb. Silverface circuit with unique transitional aesthetics. It's the blackface panel and script that was later used on the Princeton Reverb II. I haven't seen too many of these out in the wild. I've seen it referred to as the "back to blackface" princeton reverb. This IS NOT, nor ever was it ever a Rivera designed Princeton Reverb II.

Amp circuit has been reverted to blackface specs. In addition, the pull boost was removed and an AUDIO taper pot was subbed in for the traditional linear pot. Same amount of volume, but it comes on more gradually. So instead of the amp going from barely audible to loud and breaking up by's now whisper quiet, bedroom level, louder than bedroom, breaking up then loud as hell. A mid pot was also added where the boost pedal input was. The rest of the circuit matches the mid 60's Princeton reverb specs.

Filter capacitor can was changed out with a CE mnfg capacitor can (so it looks like the original), and the aging electrolytic caps were swapped out with NOS sprague caps (look like the originals). A bias trim pot was added so you can easily bias the amp. The tonestack/bypass capacitors in the amps are all the original Sprague orange drop 418p. These are not the new production orange drops that sound sterile and hard (IMO). The 418p's were used by end builders such as Victoria before supplies dried up. These sound extremely close to the 60's "blue molded" caps.

Speaker is a Jupiter Condenser 10LC 50W. These are made by WGS to Jupiter's specifications. I've owned the WGS version in the past (the G10C) and I would say that the Jupiter sits somewhere in between the G10C and G10C/S. I can swap in a Jensen reissue if you want me to knock down the price a little.

Amp itself is in excellent condition. Grill cloth and Tolex look great. Original transformers. Smoke free environment. Tubes were recently replaced with Tung-sols.

$945 shipped and pp'd - much cheaper local

These are the only gut shots I have right now. They were taken the day I bought the amp (before mods). I'll open it back up if you're seriously interested.

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