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1983 Telecaster Overhaul


Hey Fellas!

Going to be completely rewiring my 1983 Tele in the next few weeks. Will post pics when I get in to it. I was looking for some opinions on this as this will be my first time wiring a guitar (Have wired other things and I can lay down a nice solder). I have Purchased a "Pearly Gates" Humbucker for the Bridge Position and a SD Antiquity 59' Tele pickup for the neck. I thought that would be a nice blend. I think I may go with a simply 3 way selector and volume & tone and not split the humbucker since this is my first time. A few questions I have are below. any help would be appreciated.

Pots? 500k or 250k?

How would you wire this rig? (Not looking for diagrams just overall functions)


Platinum Supporting Member
tell us about this tele!

is it an "elite" or something? does it have the stock wiring and pickups? how many knobs/switches?

pics, we must have pics!

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