1984 Ibanez X-series bridge upgrade: help me blow my money


I have a 1984 Ibanez X-series Destroyer body w/ a "powerocker" bridge (not be confused with the "pro-rocker"). There are better guitars out there but this carries some sentimental value so I want to get it sounding good as I can. I am lucky the bridge is all in one piece, as replacement parts are rare. I would love to replace the bridge block with a brass or steel, but no one makes it. Would full contact bridge saddles breathe life into this mockingly dull slab of pot metal, or are full contact saddles pointless if they are contacting something not worth contacting? Babicz makes some nice Strat-style saddles that would fit this bridge...I want to know if such a product would make enough of a difference to justify the cost. (wish I could post pics but I can't figure that out either)

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