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    Up for sale is my 1986 Les Paul Custom in a Tobacco finish. Ive owned this about 15 yrs and its seen heavy use on tour and in the studio.

    Recently had the guitar refretted with 6105 frets along with a nice low setup from an excellent local luthier and it is a hell of a player. There are early burst bucker 2&3 pickups in the guitar as well as 500k pots, old goodall caps, gotoh bridge and grover tuners. Used gibson HSC included in the sale as well as all the original parts I have.

    The LP has its cosmetic flaws, some from the previous owner and other bumps and such from it simply being used. There is a worn area by the toggle ( finish was damaged and sanded down)
    and an extra pick guard hole that has been filled. Other then those cosmetic issues there is nothing else of significance to note. This is a players guitar for sure with alot of mojo and the proof is in the pudding because its a joy to play.

    If you are looking for a case queen this is not it! If you are looking for a worry free work horse that plays like butter and is very hard to put down this might be for you! Ive loved this guitar for a long time but it doesn't see much use as Im into other things these days. Id like to pass this on to someone who will get as much out of it as I've had over the years.

    $2-2500 trade value.. Im looking for a local sale in the PA,NJ area.

    *Trade Interests*
    condition not an issue.

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