Sold 1987 Fender Robben Ford Japan - SOLD


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For Sale: 1987 Fender Robben Ford model guitar made in Japan. The top of the guitar shows some wear (small ding or two) from years of playing but the guitar is in great shape. Has a Pro re-fret and plays like a dream. The control knobs have been changed and the two volume pots have been changed. I believe everything else is original including the shaped case (used condition). The guitar has a Natural carved Spruce top, chambered Alder body and Maple neck with Ebony finger board and tuner knobs. Includes coil tap and sounds great in all modes. SOLD Paypal and Shipped to CONUS.

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I had this guitar before tga-3, and I often regret moving it. Tone cannon! I actually replaced the original Schaller bridge (snapped in half!) with an old Gibson tune-o-matic which was a improvement, and also happened to be a perfect match :aok

Honestly, if I had the scratch I would buy this thing back. Hmm...

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