1987x RI owners - please help


About 1 yr. ago UPS destroyed my head box during shipping (thanks guys!). It's taken a long time but I finally got a replacement from a popular company. Unfortunately, their box is smaller than my old one, so the transformer runs into one of the internal braces, and there isn't as much room for cooling. Their remedy is to saw it to fit. No thanks.

Would someone please post the measurements from an actual Marshall 1987x RI head box?

I'm looking for:

internal H x W x D
front panel cut-out H x W
back panel H x W
back panel cut-outs for chassis and vent H x W

Marshall lists the dimensions as (W x H x D) 665mm x 265 x 205 (26" x 10.4 x 8) but those include the hardware, not just the box itself.

Clyde Billt

Gold Supporting Member
Hi SonicBoom,

Internal measurements are:
H 200mm x W 635mm (Fixing batons are 22mm each, so an internal of 590ish at that point) x D 180mm

Front panel cut out:
H 60mm x W 420mm

Back panel
H 200mm x W 635mm

Back panel chassis and vent cut outs:
H 60mm x W 425mm

Anything else you need?

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