1988 Guild D60

Hi, I have an opportunity to buy a D60 Guild from the Westerly Rhode Island days. I know very liitle about these apart from what I can pick up around the net. This one has an abolone inlaid rosette and looks like braz rosewood back and sides. Does anybody know whether these were built using braz rosewood. It appears that these were made with woods that were at hand. New ones are maple.

Really appreciate your help and anything elso I should look out for - this is $US2,000 on an auction site. Cheers - Kevin


Don't have a clue what kinda rosewood back and asides the guitar would have. If I recall properly there were only a little over 300 of that model Guild ever made though.

The only thing you need to watch out for is there are a few years in the latter 1980s when long time Guild fans were not overjoyed with the guitars. Had something to do with a fairly famous guitar store owner becoming a vice president in charge of research and development.

From those I have played it is not that they were bad sounding or playing guitars - just a bit different, enough to distinguish them from the older Guilds. So it is a matter of personal taste as opposed to "good" or "bad."

But I really do not recall the few years these guitars were made. And again, not saying they were "bad" guitars" but for myself, I preferred the older ones.
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The D60 was designed by George Gruhn. The back and sides are EIR. These have herringbone purfling like an HD28, and herringbone around the soundhole rosette. Gruhn actually got Guild to lighten up on their (over-braced) tops and ship the X brace forward. These are somewhat scarce and hard to find in good condition. If the one you're looking at is mint, it's well worth $2k.


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