Sold 1989 PRS CE-24 with Maple Fretboard


I'm selling this locally. If you want it shipped and PayPal'ed that will add $100 to the price. This was my "Tried and true" relic that I used for the entire first set for nearly every show the last three years I was in The Excuses band. Now that I've retired from performing, it's time to set this one free.

See my Craiglist ad for details.

$950 local deal (Seattle/Tacoma) or $1050 shipped in the USA.

White label HFS/VB pickups. There's a 1994-2005 era PRS 5-way switch in it, as the former owner (who did most of the relicing when it was his main guitar) swapped out the original 3-way that the early CEs came with. The original switch and strap locks are long gone, as is the original PRS case. I'm including a generic case that's in excellent condition.

The maple fretboard on a CE-24 really brings it to life, especially with the alder body. For funk, classic rock or country, this baby will rock your world!