Sold 1990's Burny 3-Pickup Custom LP - Ace Frehely


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90s Burny Ace Frehley model. Burnys are notoriously difficult to pinpoint an exact year, but given the lightning bolt headstock inlay, I'm confident this one is from the mid 90s. It's a solid guitar with 3 pickups (VH-1s in the neck & middle and a VH-3 in the bridge). The switching is similar to a normal LP (the toggle switches between the neck & bridge) and one of the tone pots is a middle pickup volume so you can blend in as much or as little as you like. The other tone pot is a master tone. Weighs 9 pounds 12 ounces. It's in very good condition and includes a hard shell case that I do not believe is original. There is one small ding near the cutaway that I've tried to capture with my camera. $900 Shipped.

Seems like there have been a good deal of "who's responsible" threads lately. So I feel a quick note about shipping is warranted. I have shipped and received many guitars over the years and have seen good, bad and no packing. I have never had a guitar or amp that I shipped damaged en route. I pack well using non-peanut packing material, generally bubble wrapping and or stiff paper and will carry insurance for the full purchase price. While I'm confident that any piece of gear I ship will reach you safely, stuff out of our control happens. If anything should happen along the way to you, it's on me. I will reimburse you fully and deal with the shipper/insurer myself.

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Greg, Rick here from St Pete. I bought your white Burny SG off of Reverb.
Just left you a voicemail, give me a call when you get a chance, thanks!
Love the SG, BTW!!!

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