1996 R7 vs 2010 R8


Hey all,

Well, after much internal debate I've have decided to set up a trade on Friday. I am trading my 64 avri tele and 2012 les paul classic custom for either a 1996 R7 or 2010 R8. I've never played a historic. What should I be really paying attention to to ensure that I choose the best guitar for me? Which would you choose? Overall, the 2010 is better shape and has all case candy. The 96 isn't bad though and is a gold top. Let ,e know what you think! Thanks!

Heinz W

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If you can play them both side by side pick the better guitar, could be either. Both should be pretty good guitars. The major difference will likely be the pickups, assuming both are stock. The '96 should have '57 Classics and the '10 should have Burstbuckers.

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