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Sold 1997 Matchless ESD 212 Extension Cab - $760


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Will calculate actual shipping via UPS Ground based on Philadelphia (19333) to you. East coast shipping is about $54

Excellent condition Matchless 1997 ESD 2x12 extension speaker cabinet.

Black cabinet with gold/brown grill cloth and gold piping. Has the mismatched 30w G12H and 25w G12M25. 4 ohms. Sounds great. Very minor scuffs tolex as seen in pics.

Owned by fairly well-known professional guitarist and will include certificate signed by him.

Amp will be foam or bubble-wrapped with cardboard box built around it to minimize size and weight. Shipping to ConUS only. I don't charge for packing and don't mark up shipping and ship UPS Ground for packages of this size. Shipping dimensions will be approximately 24x30x14 and about 50 lbs if you want to check costs yourself.

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