2 amp fuse


Is there some reason why you wouldn't just put a 2a fuse back in?
If something is wrong with the amp and it's blowing fuses, then putting a 10 amp in is asking for more serious damage.

John Phillips

will putting a 10 A fuse in a amp that's meant to have a 2 amp fuse do anything to the amp?
Yes, it will probably turn it into a portable barbeque.

(If the 2A fuse has already blown, anyway.)

Never EVER do this, for any reason. It will not get you out of a problem, it will just make things many times worse.

The chances are that the 2A fuse blew because of a relatively small fault, such as a blown tube or rectifier diode. If you now put a 10A fuse in, instead of the fuse blowing, it will probably be the power transformer and possibly other expensive components as well. You can easily turn a $50 repair into a $500 repair like this.

Don't even use a 3A fuse. The manufacturer chose the 2A one because it was the largest value that adequately protects the amp.


haha, i had bought what i thought we're 2 amp fuses and they we're ten, i just didn't want to go out and buy new ones but i will!

yeah, the old fuse blew cause of a bad tube...

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