2 Amp/Stereo Question


Ok, so...

I have an AC30 and I'm getting a Silvertone 1484 pretty soon, and I originally wanted to have them running individually with an A/B box so I could leave my AC a little cranked and have the cleans with the 1484, but then I got to thinking.

I have a delay and a reverb that can be used in a stereo set up. I love the ambiance and 'hugeness' that a stereo 2-amp setup provides, and while most people have one amp dedicated solely for the effects added by their pedals, I had a different idea.

Would It be possible to keep the A/B set up I described and have the amp not in use dedicated solely for stereo? So like if I was on the 1484, and I turned on my delay, the repeats would come from the Vox, and if I switched to the Vox, the repeats would come from the 1484. Is this even remotely possible or am I asking for too much? Thanks

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