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FS 2 great pedals for $150 I’ll throw in 12ax7’s


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two fantastic petals for one great price!
Boss dd-20 delay old stand by has velcro on back
Mxr custom comp compressor pedal, gets everything from subtle compression all the way to vintage Nashvilles squish. Has the usual volume and sustain controls but also internal trimmers for attack and brightness. The only issue with this pedal is the LED does not seem to work. This in no way affects the sound. Them all for $150
I will sell individually also, $50 for the compressor,100 for the delay. Feel free to make offers.
I’ll throw in 2 sovtek 12ax7’s and 2 fender labeled 12ax7’s from a 63 vibroverb reissue all are quiet and have plenty of life in them.
Kurt 99C66F8E-1C10-4BD8-BDA4-C1D92DDA7BE5.jpeg 07160029-A1C1-4EF5-8822-6A671A52C469.jpeg 93E1D857-142D-4A9A-81D2-C47DFAE80FFC.jpeg 54532DAE-83AA-4BDB-84E8-E65B46163EA6.jpeg 4140EE9D-D35A-4E53-9986-6623A9F1E543.jpeg



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