2 man 4 piece band Open Mic Issue


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What is a good way of playing a couple of backing tracks at an open mic? Line 6 Jam didn't do it, so I was thinking I need to learn Ableton. I guess the one thing is whether to play it the same way every time or have a button or fsw that will trigger patterns(intro, verse, chorus etc.

I am brand new at this and the info is more than a tad daunting.

Any ideas are appreciated, I will evaluate them all.



I can tell you what I do.

I will either use a backing track ( that I made) that is the length of the song and has an arrangement ( intro, verses, choruses, bridge, solos, outro, etc ). Of course, like karaoke, one must perform along with the track. You can improvise within the arrangement, but the tempo, # of measures, length of track, and arrangement are fixed. Think of it like a well arranged song. Many live bands do have set arrangements that are fixed, so this is similar in that regard.

Another thing I do is loop a backing track that has a simple progression. EX: Any 12-16 bar blues song. A loop will keep playing the same thing over and over till you turn it off.

In both instances, I render these tracks down to mp3 and play them back on an mp3 player. I also have used a loop pedal to play back tracks, and the foot switch can start and stop the playback.

The more complex idea of having certain instruments and various arrangements start and stop within a performance would require playing along to a click track at least ( so the tempo is correct ), and someone to trigger when those parts would start and stop. I've read that some drummers do this, as well as some keyboard players. And yeah, there are controllers that can do that.

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