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    Hey All!

    I've been posting around here for a while now and it's been really great! I thought I'd share 2 new songs that I released with my band a couple of weeks ago. I've actually been wanting to show it here since just after it was released, but things have been a bit hectic.

    One of the songs, "My Siel" is in my first language (Afrikaans). People all over the world have been saying they like the way it sounds, so I hope it doesn't sound too weird. I'll translate the lyrics if anyone wants to see what they mean.

    It was really just a coincidence that we decided to release these 2 songs now, but lyrically both songs came out of what I've seen happening in our music/entertainment industry and how it changes people. It seems like there's a misconception in some parts of our music industry that you really have to stay on the dark/negative side of things to "make it" here. There were points when I wrote both these songs that I really felt like almost everyone trying to make it (or who have made it) in the music industry might as well be a model who could play an instrument.

    As with all our recordings, these 2 songs were done in my studio, which has been upgraded a lot over the last year or so. It does seem suspicious that my need for upgrades have gotten exponentially more since I've started hanging around places like TGP! :) Thanks to anyone who has been giving me advice on here.

    Both songs were done with my Les Paul (loaded with Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers) and NMV Marshall JMP Super Bass (volume between 5 and 6). The cab is a 2X12 I had custom built a couple of years ago. The amp stays pretty clean even with the volume pretty high up. Listen to all the cleans to know what I mean. All of them were done with the Super Bass on 5 with the volume pot on my guitar knocked back just a little bit. For the dirty parts I used my Monte Allums Sustainiac Tri-Gain- modified MT-2 to push the front of the amp pretty hard and for some extra grit.

    I layered some E-bow in a couple of parts and I also threw in some acoustic guitar and 12-string in there. The solo at the end of "My Siel" was just something that "happened" when I started recording the guitar parts, so it's all improvised. I also put a Hammond B3 pad-type part very, very low in the mix. It just seemed to beef everything up and create a beautiful ambience in the background.

    I did the Monte Allums Sustainia Tri-Gain mod sometime last year and this was the first recording I did with it. I was really pleased with it and I was also very impressed with Monte's service, so I sent him the links as a sort of thank you-gesture. Turns out he likes them so much that he asked to add them to his site so people can hear the mod in action. What a great honor!

    Here are the links:
    Waste You

    My Siel

    You can download them both for free on these links, or get them from www.joellis.co.za. Hope you dig it.

    And sorry for the longs post.

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