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2 TS at the same time?


does anybody else here uses 2 TS?
i tried 2 ts808 (at the same time) when the first pedal is half gain volume at 12, and the other is full gain volume at 9 (o'clock) . both tone on 12. realy liked how it sounds.
i used to use two TS9's. one analogman-modded and one stock. one was set for a clean boost and one was set for medium gain. i'd stack them for more sustain - got some good sounds... i stopped using them only because the switches would sometimes flake out and i didn't want too many buffers in my signal chain...


I used to stack a bad monkey into a TS808, and i got some great overtones doing that. Its a great way to get controllable feedback.


HI after playing with Tube Drivers, MI Audio'd and severall other OD, I have played this sunday with 2 TS9 pedals. Now i know why I was looking for mine tone. its in the TS9 pedals, tick sound with some compression, but thats okay. I have one modded TS9 an dthe other one is stock, one set for drive the other one for lead boost, works great try it its tone heaven. Ask yourself why is the little green box still around ?
Peace Strat58


Platinum Supporting Member
I stack my FDII into my Eternity for incredibly creamy liquid sustain and it is a very sweet sound.


SRV went with 2 TS9's and Trey uses 2 Analogman Modded TS9's. I currently run 2 stock TS9's for my OD and I use the 2nd one for a boost but not as clean as you'd think. I actually up the drive a tad and make the tone a little warmer and the level is just a bit higher than the first TS9's volume. To me they sound great. Cross between Santana/Trey. Try it, I've been using this system now for about 5 months and I'm alright with it. I've got a Boss OD-1 on the way I'm going to tinker around with. Let me know how you make out.


Gold Supporting Member
David Hidalgo from Los Lobos uses 2. Pretty much in the same way the others mention. One on all the time and the other to get some singing sustain.

Buddy Boy

Guitar>Analogman Silver>Keeley mod+>TU-2>Amp. Keeley is always on,Analogman for fatter sounds and solos. Keeley level 1:00-2:00,drive off,tone 3:00.Silver level around 12:00-1:00,drive off,tone a little less than 3:00. Been stacking 2 or more od's for 13 years. Didn't use pedals when I played Boogies. 2 ts's gets that cascading thing going into a non-MV amp. "No drive" settings yield way less fizz. :BEER


Silver Supporting Member
SRV used two of 'em

if you want that sound without buying 2 units, look at the Jacques Overtube. flip the toggle and it doubles the signal


Neat idea and I actually looked into grabbing one of these, but trouble is I like to stack them and I'd have to bend over and switch! I use a AM TS-9 Silver/808 into an Xotic AC Booster set for solo boosts. Amazing tone. Very mid rangy and crangy! What I go for though...


bandofthieves™;3498187 said:
That looks cool, probably pretty early AM work!

I used to use a TS-9 analogman brown mod with my OD-9 silver mod with the OD-9 set for slight boost and the TS-9 brown mod for higher gain. It did the job, but I sold my TS-9 when I got a Zim and sold the Zim when I was getting close to the top of the KOT list.

Two tube screamers is a pretty good setup, and you can get used TS-9 pedals for a pretty good price. Also consider a Foxrox Zim, as you can always swap out the cards to experiment.

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