Sold 20 Watt 2204 circuit by Fusionbear


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20 watt 2204 head made by Forum member Fusionbear. This amp runs a pair of 6V6 tubes for about 20 watts. Carl used a Classictone, Trainwreck Spec, 6.6k primary, 30 watt OT to give it plenty of headroom. It gets plenty of gain and cleans up well with the guitar volume knob. The amp also features an effects loop. The tube with the Blue shield is the loop recovery tube. it is a 12AT7 set up to be super clean and dynamic, so the tone is not lost in the recovery stage. Carl names his amps. This one is called Luther. It was in a 1x12 Reinhardt cab, which I still have and could supply the amp in that cab if you want, but I had issues finding 6V6 tubes that didn't rattle in the combo so I switched into a new Mojo Tone 20" wide head shell. The Fusionbear logo and fastening screws will be supplied with the amp. $800 shipped conus for the head version. 850 shipped combo version with no speaker. I'll entertain trades Tophat Club Series 1x12, Carr Mercury, Sportsman, Rambler are of interest to me right now. Can add cash.

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Pic of combo cab. If you're interested in procuring this with or without the amp let me know and we can work it out. Fusionbear logo is currently removed from combo cab

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