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Sold $2000 shipped: 1961 Gibson Les Paul Jr. with OHSC


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Hi all,

I'm only going to have this up until the end of the day today (12/20/2016) to see if I can pay off some Christmas expenses.

Up for sale is a vintage 1961 Gisbson Les Paul SG Junior with its original case. The guitar is all original (except for maybe its tuners) with no repairs...which is rare for these types of guitars. The guitar is nicely faded on the front with alot of fret life left. This baby has been played and does show some wear from use. The guitar screams and has a ton of bite when overdriving an amp but also sounds great clean.

Below is the link from which I originally purchased it from:

Thanks and message me with any questions. $2000 paypalled/shipped anywhere to the lower 48 states. I might be interested in a partial trade for another vintage gear but need at least $1000.

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