Sold 2003 Gibson Historic R9 Tom Murphy Aged Super Quilt

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Background and Description: I was a very good customer of Music Machine in the 2003/2004 time frame before Gibson terminated their partnership. Rick Van Heel was the sales rep who I purchased many Gibson Custom Shop instruments from. In late 2003 I was emailing back and forth with Rick and he told me that Music Machine was having a very limited run of super quilted maple (5A+) topped and ultra-light weight solid bodied R9s made (Both of these options incurred a significant up charges). I believe the total was 5. I was very interested and asked if I could customized one of them to my specs. Rick said that they could as the guitars had just entered paint. I was sent pictures of the guitars with just their yellow base coats and I picked this one out. I then asked for the following:

1) Butterscotch Burst (Nonstandard color for 2003. I had to pay an upcharge for that).

2) Stinger on the back of the headstock (Upcharge).

3) Tom Murphy aging (Upcharge).

4) Pickguard not installed (Included).

The guitar was delivered to me in early 2004 (It has a 2003 serial number). It weights in right at 8lbs. With the exception of Dunlop Strap Locks the instrument is stock (Original strap buttons are included). Pickups are Burst Buckers 1 & 2.

The neck shape is the standard R9 neck shape for this period. It feels perfect and plays great.

Rick van Heel who has played and sold thousands of Gibson told me this instrument is an amazing example (tonally and visually) of what Gibson was producing during this era of Gibson CS. It really sounds great for a light weight Les Paul. Everyone that has played the instrument over the years are always blown away by the tone and looks of the instrument.

Everything that came with the guitar is included: Brown lifton style case, Pickguard, poker chip, both certificates and paperwork. The guitar is setup perfectly with Curt Mangan .11.-.48 strings


There are no breaks or repairs to the instrument. Note, the volume and tone knobs have cracked which is very common with this era of an instrument. I have not changed them out. The guitar has been played over the past 12 years and has some additional wear/aging on the back from jean rivets/ belt buckle. At this point it all blends together and looks natural. The guitar has the slightest amount of fret wear on the “G” and “B” strings around the 3rd fret. I could not get it to show when taking the pictures but I wanted to give full disclosure. Everything that was included with the instrument at the time of purchase included here.


This guitar is now SOLD

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