Sold 2004 Fender MIM Deluxe Player Strat Neck (maple)


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FS: 2004 Fender MIM Deluxe Player Strat Neck - $125 (inc. Paypal & USPS shipping in CONUSl)

This is a slighty used, very nice maple neck from a 2004 MIM Deluxe Player Strat. It's straight, has very little fret wear, the truss rod works properly, and it plays and feels good. The only "issues" are the obvious missing nut (confiscated to repair the neck on my son's Strat) and tuners (it's drilled for vintage Kluson style), and the lower dot marker on the 12th fret looks a bit sunken but does not affect playability.

It has nice grain (nothing fancy tho) and a light amber tint that looks good, and no significant scratches or nicks or dings to report... it's really in excellent shape! I'm putting this up tonight at a nice price (I think) for a quick sale hopefully, so perhaps someone out there is looking for a project neck... all you need is a nut and some tuners and you'll have a really great neck!






more photos

Thanks for looking!

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