Sold 2005 Gibson SG '61 Reissue


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This is a 2005 Gibson SG '61 Reissue that I just got in April off Reverb as a backup guitar. Obviously things have shut down and I need to sell it. Hardly played, and it's in Excellent condition.

The person I got it from had done some upgrades: Grover Tulip tuners (no routing needed), he also installed an Emerson SG wiring harness, better strap buttons, and a bone nut.

I replaced the bridge with a Corsa-Faber ABR-1 which does sound better than the original, which is included, and a Les Paul truss rod cover.

The actual color is a little lighter red than in most of the pics, it's not too light though, a really nice classic SG color....

As far as I know it has the original Classic '57 pickups. Comes with the original case, in excellent shape - Black/Black interior. Nothing else, although the case has the Gibson stickers on it (had them on when I got it.)

It's in virtually mint shape except it has a tiny ding in the lower back, which I took a picture of. It has a Tiny bit of fret wear on the first few frets.

It's a little over 7lbs, I'll weigh it asap.

I'm selling it for a low price because of a couple of things: It has a great neck (the Classic shape etc.) - but - the nut tends to buzz a little on the open E and B strings, and there are a few light buzzes up the neck on the same strings. That's it as far as I can tell, and it will be easy to deal with, and I really need money so here it is.... My need is your gain....

Asking $SOLD. PayPal and Shipping included, insured. CONUS only.

2005 SG Full Front.jpg

2005 SG Full Back.jpg

2005 SG Front Body.jpg

2005 SG Front Close.jpg

2005 SG Back.jpg

2005 SG Back Close.jpg

2005 SG Headstock.jpg

2005 SG Back H Tuners.jpg

2005 SG Side Neck.jpg
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