Sold 2007 Rickenbacker 330 Jetglo with Mastery


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Super nice 330 in classic black. Plays and sounds just great, with a nice straight neck and low action...not a given on a Ric, as much as I love them. This guitar has been played, though the fret wear is almost non-existent. There is plenty of long checking (hard to see in pics) and a bit of jean rivet worming on the back. I think it's sharp, but if you prefer your guitars like new...this might not be for you.

Comes with OHSC, original bridge, and upgraded with the Mastery Ric bridge ($175 part) that adds stability and sustain without losing the Ric sound. Not just for jingle jangle, the Ric "high-gain" pickups (which aren't particularly high output in a modern sense) really shine in front of a fuzz or driven amp.

Not really looking for any trades...

Sold!!! shipped CONUS

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