Sold 2007 Yamano R9


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2007 Yamano R9. I had sold this guitar. However, the new owner didn't like the frets and weight, so I'm relisting it. This is a killer R9 that's among the best I've owned. It works great for my style of playing but it does have vintage low frets. If you don't like low frets and are not willing to refret an R9, this might not be for you. It weighs about 9.5 lbs. And it has some wear, including a scratch on the back of the neck that's visible but hardly "feelable". It does not penetrate either the finish or the wood. One of the knobs is also scratched but works fine with no impact on sound or function. Oh, and the previous buyer insisted the nut has been changed, if that kind of thing bothers you. All in all, this is a monster guitar that's been used but not abused. Did I mention the flame on this thing is ungodly? $3250 pp and shipped in the conus. Price is firm.


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