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2008 American Standard Stratocaster


Silver Supporting Member
I bought one today, on hearing them for the first time. I've owned everything from Grosh to Custom Shop Fenders, Zions to PRS, Gibson, etc. I've never thought I'd buy another Fender Stratocaster -- let alone a standard model.

Whow. This thing sounds extra good. I played three, and one sounded the best. In fact, so good, I just bought it. For 960 out the door including tax -- why not? The case is totally cool also.

I got olympic white with maple board, and I'm totally digging it.

Notably, I think the bridge/trem block makes a big difference in tone, as with the thinner overall finish. It's all about resonance -- and this baby has it. I've never heard such warmth/fullness of tone from a brand new maple/alder Stratocaster. Yes, it does have that clarity that you get if you tried a Callaham trem block (which I've done several times.) Now you don't need that upgrade. The pickups are rather low output for that vintage Strat quack and sharpness -- not much meat. Sound good though.


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I wanted a black one with a rosewood board based on looks -- that's what I always gravitate towards. However, when a/b'd with the white one with maple board -- and another black with maple -- I found the white with maple to sound the best.

Normally, I find rosewood boards to offer more depth and warmth -- but there was just something about the one I picked that sounded better. Strange but true.

In the case of the black vs. white (with maple necks/boards) obviously the paint color doesn't matter soundwise -- but it must come down to slight differences between body wood? Who knows.

Try three or four and pick the one you vibe with. That seems to be the trick.

Glowing Tubes

Gold Supporting Member
Congrats, love to see some pics. I'm really impressed with these guitars to.
Where'd you get that very good deal?



Senior Member
For 960 out the door including tax -- why not?
Why not? I can think of two reasons, both still in diapers. Glad I did most of my shopping pre-children.

Must say I am not a fan of the modern-spec'd Telecaster, despite owning one, but am very curious to see the new model up close and hear that bridge.

I have an older American Standard that I've changed just about everything on.

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