Sold 2008 Nash S-57 Strat - HUGE PRICE DROP and new trades!


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Amazingly good Nash '57 style strat. Blond with gold anodized pickguard. Nice neck that's not too chunky but has a nice beefy feel. Great tone from the Lollars. Every time other guys play this guitar they are always amazed by the playability and tone. Looks great too with a nice relic job that isn't over the top. I believe this era of Nash guitars were handmade by Bill himself. This guitar was made for National Speaker in Denver and setup by Brian at Del Toro Guitars. Nice weight too, not sure of the exact weight but it's in the mid 7lb range.

SOLD shipped/ppg to the lower 48, regular paypal add 3%

Trade (+ / - $$$) for:
Gibson R6 or R5
Epiphone Casino (older made in Korea preferred)
Fender Custom Shop Relic Wildwood Strat

Sorry for the bad pic. I will post better ones asap.

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