2008 Winter NAMM...what did you see?


The stuff that most impressed me were Cameron amps for hard rock, The Brown Note D'lite 44 for the sweetest dumble inspired tone I've ever heard and the new Hughes and Ketner Statesman for all around great tones at a great price.

Effects wise, can't wait for the Xotic BB Plus, new version of the Menatone Kar Krash and the new Korg Pandora PX5D put all the right new features to my all time favorite headphone amp, practice tool and backup for making guitar tone demos.

Guitars were hard to tell because I'm a lefty, but I still think the Nik Hubers look and sound unbelievable, the Vigiers are great too. And I'm still drooling over the R. Taylor acoustics.


Highlights of the show for me
Egnater Rebel Nice clean and crunchy tones at a nice price
Fargen Amps Ben makes great stuff Miniplex is a cool amp
Ethos Pedal Tomo's played one at the Emi booth. Pricey, but versatile
Tom Anderson VA5 pickups on a Classic. How sweet it was

Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geekfest What wonderful event
John Cruz's Fender Party at Loffler's Hanging with my friends from the Fender Forum is always a funtime
Burger and a Chocolate shake at In and Out three times


The BB Plus is a 2 "channel" version of the BB Preamp, just like the AC Plus. You can use either channel or both together. The Plus pedals have more gain and tone features, and you can determine which channel drive the other channel when both are on simultaneously. The format of both pedals is similar to the Fulltone GT overdrive pedal. The AC Plus has been out for a while, but the BB Plus was delayed.

I tried the AC Plus, but didn't care for it. Great concept, but the tones were a bit grainy, much like the AC Booster. I'll give the BB Plus a try, but what I'd really like to see is an RC Plus, as I much prefer the RC Booster over the AC and BB Boosters.


Wait a minute!!! What's this? Tell me more please!
Is this like a part 2 of the BB Preamp?


Silver Supporting Member
Cameron Amps
Victoria Amps
Eventide Pedals
Trussart Guitars
Demeter's stompbox spring reverb.

---my personal highlights.

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