Sold 2009 ESP KH-2 Ouija (Yes, real thing)


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There were 5 prototypes made (3-black, 2-white) of the neck through 2009 Ouija, before the general public run of 50. All went to ESP Executives and Kirk Hammet (OW52).
This one is OB053 (Ouija Black #53) was on the wall of HQ ESP Hollywood, popped up for sale so I grabbed it on the impulse. These prototypes are all accounted for and can be easily verified online.

I still have to move, and even though I lie the idea of owning this guitar, I don't want to keep hauling it around.
So, I thinking to trade it down (break into couple other guitars) I won't be looking for anything specific, but metal guitars are priority.
Trade value is the same value they sold the original 50 pieces. Now, whenever they come up, they sell for over $10K.
Value $8900

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