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Sold 2010 Fender MIM Special Edition Butterscotch Ash Tele


Silver Supporting Member
This is a Fender Special Edition Butterscotch Ash Telecaster I just picked up in a trade. Guitar is MIM with a serial number that dates it to 2010. It's a 2-piece ash body with a really nice grain figure, and a 1-piece maple neck. Frets are in good shape with some wear on the first few frets. It's got Fender Noiseless Tele pickups, which I believe were standard on this model when it was new. This model also came stock with the reversed control plate so you can do volume swells.

There are some dings on the body and a chip on the bottom edge, but nothing too serious. It has a few dings along the edges of the headstock as well. Truss rod functions and everything else works as expected. The guitar plays well and sounds good, I just don't need another Tele at the moment. Will ship in the generic hardshell case pictured.

Looking for $600 PP shipped, but willing to listen to offers. I'm open to trades for pretty much anything except Strats, Teles, amps, or acoustic guitars. Would be particularly interested in Jaguars/Jazzmasters, Les Pauls, PRS, Gretsch, Reverends, or oval hole mandolins, with cash on my end as necessary.


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