Sold 2011 Gibson Les Paul 60's Tribute Goldtop


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Hey all - picked this up this week and not in love with it, but don't hate it either. Just haven't decided if I want to make her part of my stable and wanted to test the waters before we bonded. Could have cash to add if the right deal.

Love the stripped down LP feel, the nitro top isn't caked in poly and already has a nice greenish starting to get to it, the neck is smooth and fast without the binding, the frets are perfect. It must've sat out at it's previous owner's because the guitar is perfect other than the head-start on the discoloration. Literally - not one single mark, dent, buckle mark, scratch, anything on this guitar. The neck is just a little less that I would ideally hope for in thickness and I'd prefer it had a humbucker in the tail.

Therefore - I'll listen to trade or sale offers before I decide whether to keep it, sell it, or upgrade it.

If you need specs just search for the guitar. The P-90s are pretty hot and sound good clean or overdriven. Includes a Gibson HSC not included originally with the guitar. The case has a few marks, all pictured.

Brand new condition except for the coloration. Put .11s on it when I got it as it still had the original strings from the factory and it plays great.

Looking for $900 PayPaled and shipped with HSC. More interested in trades - Fender Tele, Jag, Jazzmaster, other LPs, SGs, PRS, and anything you might want throw at me. Really not interested in pointy guitars or anything with a Floyd. Would also consider an amp trade for a nice Deluxe Reverb RI, Twin RI, or older MusicMan - something of that vain. Would also consider a trade for a Nord Lead Series Synth (preferably a Lead 2x). Whatever, make cash and trade offers.

It's been a while since I've been in the game here as I had children and finally got a new job that pays some money, but have multiple references available here.

Picture below; more pictures linked here: Les Paul 60s Tribute Goldtop


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