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Sold 2011 PRS Custom 24, solid black, Pattern Reg, 59/09s, OHSC, hang tag, EX


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Hey all. Up for sale or trade here is a monster of a player with only 2 dings shown in the photo (one is to the left of my finger). I just did a full setup including fret dress and it's like buttah. It's as resonant and light as any Cu24 I've ever had, I just don't need another Custom 24, it's redundant.
So I'm looking for something like:
  • a 408, 513, Brent Mason, a Custom 24 hardtail, Floyd, or a limited like 24-08, 58/15, Waring, Holcomb, etc.
  • a Suhr of almost any flavor, incl. the Satins. Floyd way preferred. Really, I need another Suhr :)
  • a killer shredder guitar like a J. Custom, JS, Jackson USA, or ?
I'm pretty open, and I can add some cash on my end, but I'd rather add a 50th Anniversary year 2004 Fender American Series Strat to sweeten a deal. :) Look for that guitar in a different post.

Let me know if you're interested and what you have, msgs are best. Lots of high-end references I can share. Outright sale is great, too, and for that I'd definitely be willing to deal - asking $2000 shipped for TGP fellers.


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