Sold 2013 Samamp 23-Verb Tweed



The 23-Verb 1x12 combo has a tube/spring reverb and V.A.C. settings of 23, 18, 11, and 7 watts. A pull treble is included for upper-mid boost and a tone control to subtly change the character from darker/thicker to brighter/thinner. A footswitch with adjustable mid boost (higher boost settings bypass eq).

Samamp guitar amplifiers are point to point hand wired with "class a" vacuum tube circuitry. The V.A.C. - Variable Amplitude Clipping control is a unique feature with selectable wattage settings. The point at which the output tubes clip is sometimes called the sweet spot. How loud the amp is at clipping is determined by its output power. The V.A.C. circuit is a different way to control the output power of a tube amplifier. Not a built in speaker attenuator and not in the signal path, the V.A.C. circuit uses lamps (light bulbs) to limit voltage and current flow into the power tubes. This balanced circuit forces the power tubes to act like smaller power tubes. Power tubes run cooler with V.A.C. and all of the output power reaches the speaker.


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