Sold 2014 Gibson Historic '57 Reissue Les Paul R7 ~Pelham Blue~ - Lowered


Hi everyone, here's an immaculate and rare Pelham Blue R7 from 2014. I'm slimming down my LP collection to pay some bills.

Condition wise it's near mint. Really the only thing I can find is some very light swirling on the back in places. Really this thing is pristine!

The neck is beautiful on this and plays perfectly. Action is low with no buzzing or issues. Basically what you'd expect from a new Historic.

Like every other 2014 spec Historic, the sound is perfect. The whole body resonates intensely and sustain is naturally excellent. The Custom Buckers are super clear and detailed with just the right amount of oomph. Unplugged this one is very bright and loud.

Weight: 9 lbs 3 oz
Neck: .91 at the first fret and 1.00 at the twelfth

Has all the 2014 spec improvements - hide glue neck and fingerboard, sleeveless truss rod, long tenon, etc.

Comes with COA and case candy. The case is immaculate as well.

$3600 $3400 $3300 shipped via PayPal.

Only trades I'm interested in: possibly another Gibson Historic, Suhr Badger 18, '76 Explorer, Z-best 2x12, or Metropolis Metroplex

Possibly also a Suhr electric.

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