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Sold 2014 Knaggs Severn Tier 2


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$2450 Paypalled and Shipped, or trade for certain Tom Anderson guitars or tube amps.

This is a Tier 2 Knaggs for the price of most Tier 1's!!

Beautiful Tier 2 Severn "Trembuck" (two hum bucker model) in Very Good condition. A couple very small flaws are all that keeps it from an "Excellent" rating, and I'm dead honest in my ratings. She's really nice...no bad surprises here.

There is one small jean rivet type impression just above the term cover. The damage on the lower bout by the input jack is not nearly and grevious as the flash picture makes it look. The Flash also makes the guitar appear much brighter than it is. You can see in the pics I've posted how it reacts to different lighting. The flame maple neck is tinted and spectacular. The Cocobolo fingerboard is sublime...almost Ebony-like in it's feel.

I never got the build sheet with the guitar, but I can tell you this much:

25.5" scale
1 5/8" nut width
Neck measures .850 to .900
Frets are Jescar 55100 (6150)
9.5" radius
Cocobolo fingerboard w/ Diamond markers
Flame Maple neck
Ebony headstock face (Ebony wood...not paint)
Gotoh Magnum locking machines
Alder body, Tier 2 Flame Maple top
Single pivot Trem w/ Arm (floating w/ a 1 step pull up on the B string)
Duncan 59 Neck, JB Bridge
1 Volume, 1 Tone w/ pull for coil split, Three-way switch
7lbs, 11 ozs of resonant tonal goodness
Case is in Excellent condition

The frets are perfect, she stays in tune and is very stable. She is set up w/ Elixir 9 to 46 strings and just sings. The guitar is a tone monster and sounds absolutely HUGE! The split coil sounds are terrific as well, but most importantly the whole guitar resonates and sustains. If you've never played a Knaggs...you're missing out.!

(Most of the pics show the guitar w/ chrome dome knobs. It came w/ the black plastic strat-style knobs and that's how it will ship.)

The guitar is very well packed and ready to ship. I've been doing this for a long time...much longer than TGP's rating system has been around and never had an unhappy deal - on either end! I'd really rather wait until after the shipping companies Christmas Rush to ship it.

G.A.S. is a bitch...

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Bad time of year to be selling anythnig, huh? :cool:

Bad time of the year to be shipping as well, so lets talk but unless we can meet each other here in Upstate New York, lets hold off on shipping anything until after the Christmas onslaught.
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