Sold 2015 Gibson Historic 1958 Reissue Les Paul Standard


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This is a real stunner in every conceivable, tone, play feel.. It was handpicked out of 5 other Historic R8's and R9's. I even had a real deal Burst to compare it to and it was easily the best sounding and playing one in the bunch. The top dances in the light, the color is just right, the neck profile is to die for...they got these new ones RIGHT. It weighs under 8.5lbs...its the lightest one I've owned. DARK fretboard (a must for any Historic in my opinion). They thought so much of the top they didn't install the pickguard, but its included. These new pickups are something else too! Bite, grit, clarity and definition....they really have it all. Covers never installed. I have all the case candy, all the stuff that came with the guitar and the original Lifton style case. There are a couple small marks on the back of the guitar, nothing major, but worth mentioning for full disclosure. Nothing that will photgraph, remotely. Its not mint, but its pretty darn close.

LIST of STUFF I'd trade for:
Metropoulos Metroplex
Firebird VII
Friedman Wildwood Small Box (plus cash on your end)
A KILLER Fender Custom Shop relic of some sort (try me), but its gotta be a good one!
Historic 335 or 355
VINTAGE Marshall amps? Plexi and '73 and before...
MAYBE a Germino LV JTM45 w/ master volume

that's the short list anyways... What else ya got? This Les Paul IS exceptional.

I'll work with you if you work with me :) I may be able to add cash where applicable, just depends.

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