Sold 2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional with Lindy Fralin Pure PAF pickups


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Please check my other ads, I am selling a PRS Bernie Marsden with substantial USA upgrades, a orange Gretsch 5420T, and a Heritage Custom Shop H-150 les paul style guitar, built by ex-Gibson employees.

2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

This has a wide and fat neck. In fact, it's the fattest neck gibson has ever offered on a USA les paul, and it feels great (if you like a 58 neck). It's also .10 wider overall (1/10th of an inch). It plays fabulously - in fact with it's total PLEK job it's one of the best playing lesters I have owned.

It has a set of Lindy Fralin Pure PAF 8k-9k pickups installed. They weren't quite right, so I called Lindy and after some discussion did some magnet swaps. The pickups now have a rough cast Un-Oriented Alnico 5 magnet in the bridge and a rough cast Alnico 3 magnet in the neck. Incredible tones.

I tossed the original pots and wiring including the cheapo selector switch. It has been completely rewired 50's style using a switchcraft open frame selector, CTS 500K audio taper brass split shaft pots, Sprague Orange Drop capacitors, entirely with braided shield single conductor vintage style wiring.

This is one of the better playing guitars I have ever owned and it has a great sound. Honestly it has the best bridge tone of any guitar I've owned since the Jimmy Page custom authentic - thanks to that customized Fralin pickup. If the other guitars I have listed sell - I'd be keeping this one, simply for the neck playability and tone. It's also beautiful looking, the paint is just gorgeous.

I don't have the OHSC - it will come in a brown 90's style Gibson les paul case. Includes warranty info - sorry to say it's already been registered in my name, but I'll include the warranty registration info.

I did some minor indentations around the pots, like an idiot, when removing the original fugly knobs and pulling those pots. Othewise it's perfect. The damage is minor, and unnoticeable but I am going to get closeups of it anyway. Nothing through the paint, no scratches or chips, just these indentations right there in the finish. The guitar is otherwise 100% new looking. If I didn't tell you about those dents, you'd never even notice, due to their location.

Specifications (including my upgrades)
  • 1 piece Mahogany body
  • Mahogany neck
  • 2 piece AA flamed maple Top
  • Beautiful tobacco burst with deep brown back
  • G-force tuners removed (included in case)
  • Kluson Deluxe tonepros nickel plated tuners installed
  • Long steel tailpiece studs with nickel finish
  • Aluminum lightweight nickel tailpiece
  • Lindy Fralin Pure PAF 8k neck 9k bridge, with magnet swaps (originals included)
  • CTS brass split shaft 500K audio pots
  • Amber top hat knobs with 50's pointers!
  • 50's wiring
  • Orange drop capacitors (.022uf both neck and bridge)
  • Full 50's wiring - it's all braided shielded cabling, including to the new switchcraft selector
  • Shielded cavity
Price is $1,800 obo, you pay shipping, Cash, USPS Money Orders, or Paypal you pay the fees.

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There are still 2 more to go folks!

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