2015 Gibson Special


With all the hub-bub about the “new” larger neck profiles I had to run out to Guitar Center and try one of the 2015 models for myself. Not sure what it’s called but I played one of the double cut specials (P-90’s) on Sunday. I thought it was great! For me anyway the wider finger board wasn’t a problem, and I don’t have large hands. The tuning mechanism was pretty cool I do admit, and the pots responded well when I turned them up and down to clean up or cut the highs. Oh, and it played great! The zero-fret nut did seem to keep the open E string from blaring all over the Em chord riff I was playing. So all in all I dig the new appointments Gibson is putting out. You can argue price all you want and you may be right…..but this guitar really was sweet. Just my two cents:)



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I played a double cut special recently and tried to objectively evaluate the instrument. Remember you have to take into account every player that might like these or potentially buy.

* G-Force tuning is very useful and pretty accurate for most players. I can't tell you how great this feature can be for a lot of newer players and people I know. Experienced guys like me just dont want or need it necessarily.

* Wider neck is very noticeable. I didnt like it because it doesnt feel like a Gibson neck in my hand. Plus objectively speaking its just not for me but theres nothing wrong with it.

* I cant tell a huge difference in tone with the zero fret nut without side by side but it did seem to improve open notes a little. The adjustability function is actually very useful. Some players would prefer to recut/shim a nut if needed but you cant argue against the functionality of it. I dont like the look of it very much though.

* Like a lot of experienced players, I notice any playability issues being realy finicky about that sort of thing. It seemed to play ok with the normal action issues you would expect from a guitar banging around the front end cap of guitar center for a week.

* I agree with most that the 100 logo on the headstock just doesnt look good. Its not that big of a deal that and the hologram just dont seem to fit on these instruments. Keep in mind it doesnt affect anything so dont let it bother you I guess.

Overall I still think Gibson has some fine guitars out there but have some identity issues. Trying to capture new demographics while keeping the current ones are proving to be hard moving forward but if it makes money, expect things to continue in this direction. Stay practical and objective and you will will end up a smarter guitar guy:wave Control the controllable, react accordingly to the rest!

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