2015 Les Paul Special or RevStar P90?


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Hi all!

I'm trying to decide on my first good P90 guitar and I'm stuck between the 2015 Les Paul Special Double Cut and the P90 RevStar. What do you all think?

The LP Special has the dreaded robotuners which I personally like since I dig alternate tunings. I've just heard that the P90s aren't really P90s and need to be replaced. How do they feel and sound though?

I've heard a million great reports about the RevStars . . . but I feel like if given a chance I should get a US made Gibson for pretty much the same price.

First world problems I know :)
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I've never really gotten along with the Gibsons I've played. However, my Revstar 502 (P90s) is fantastically built, great fun to play, and gets lots of compliments on its P90 tone from other gear-minded folk.


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Revstar..... haven’t heard anyone say anything bad about the p90s. They sound great to me.

Juan Wayne

Different beasts, both great in their own right. Try before buying though.

All 2015s I've played felt quite diferently (read: ****ing weird) from what I've experienced from other Gibsons since the neck is wider at the top while the remainder of the mesurements keep regular proportions. Also, the brass nut will die in no time and I don't know if Gibson still provides the complimentary steel replacement nut. There's aftermarket ones around though. And those are not your regular P90s, they have slug AlNiCo poles instead of bar magnets with steel screws which makes it quite a different, yet awesome pickup on its own right.

Revstars are all people have told you and more, and a great contender, oh, and my pick hans down. I couldn't put down the 502 I played and regret not buying it. Those aren't P90s either but an awesome take on them and they ****ing scream! The fretboard is quite flat, but I felt at home immediately.

Sill, I'd play before I buy, but that's me.

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