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Sold 2016 Marshall 1987x w/MV Smallbox 50 Watt Plexi


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I've got two Marshall 1987x 50 watt amps, and I can let one go. This is a 2016 reissue Smallbox in excellent condition. I had Pete Cage install a LarMar PPIMV with the MV knob taking the place of the lower right input jack of the 4. The mod is completely reversible if you really need that particular input jack for your playing, but the LarMar circuit essentially is removed and has no effect if you just turn it all the way up.

There are no other mods, except that Pete also corrected a factory mistake in one of the component values on the board that is a known issue. I posted a setup sheet.

Price: $1600 OBO shipped/insured/paypal'd in the CONUS.

Trades: other amps, probably Marshalls that I don't have-

Please PM or email with any questions.

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