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2017 Gibson ES-335 pickguard.....smaller/narrower....


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While at Guitar center yesterday, I noticed a new ES-335 they had, had a noticeably odd pickguard. Looked smaller/narrower than I've seen before. The length seems about the same as the standard "short" 335 guard, but wasn't as wide in the area between the bridge pickup and edge of the body. Looked really "off" to me.
Just a bit ago I noticed the pictures of the 2017 335's on sweet water, and every other retailer I've check all look wrong and have the narrow/smaller look.....when did this start? Has anyone else noticed this?

This is taken directly from Gibson.com...

Link to sweet water listing

Mr Analog

I think the small pickguards started in 2012 or 2013, but I'm not positive. Historics still have the full sized guards of course.

I had a 2016 with the small guard. It definitely looked out of proportion with the rest of the guitar. I would have changed the guard but Gibson's allowed this particular guitar to go out the door with a misshapen horn and some major flaws in the binding, so back it went. Loved the new neck shape though. I ended up replacing it with a 2010, when they still had the full sized pick guard, and it reinforces my opinion that the small guard is a design mistake. I don't care about the lack of "vintage correctness" -- it just looks comically small on that large body.


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If anybody here has one of these 335's, I've got a question to ask. Please drop me a PM


- Dan

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