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Exciting stuff for 2017. March 4/5th will be the first of our amp building classes in Michigan next year. You can choose the 20 or 50 watt model. Visit for details. We are also holding a rare, two day "teaching only" seminar on Feb 18/19th. This weekend class is geared a little more for those of you with some basic tube amp experience. Anyone with just enough knowledge to be dangerous will learn a ton of cool stuff. No building, just learning.
Both the building and teaching seminars are already starting to book. Don't miss these great opportunities.
Visit We also offer a kit version (Boutikit) of the amp we build in the class. Later next year, we plan to start offering the amps not only in kit form but also hand built, tested and ready to rock by us. Custom color panels and tolex will be options to choose as well as some new models.
Visit to see what we are all about or email me directly at

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