2017 - The year of coming back to Boss pedals and board simplification


Having huge pedalboards has reached peak ridiculousness in my opinion. I play a lot of gigs with a lot of different bands and nearly all of them use a huge load of meticulously set up pedals that on average get used for about 1% of the set each. Everyone seems to want every option available at all times, but it nearly always ends up with a generic tone with some gimmicky effects at odd points. What happened to choosing a handful of pedals you particularly like and building your own sound around them?


Doesn't really matter to me what pedals a person uses to get tones.
I've heard great tones on Boss boards.
Great tones on Boutique boards.
Great tones on mix boards.

There is a TON of Boss usage on this board. A bit silly because tone is SO subjective to try and say Boss againt the world, not too mention Boss owns the market share of pedals. TPG Universe *may* be slightly boutique slanted.

Bring what you want, play what you want.


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My main sounds come from my Boss GT-100; it's for sale now as I've moved to Boss GT-1 + SY-300. I'm looking forward to the next gen GT-100 / ME-80 future replacements.

Though, if/when Source Audio makes a MFX, I shall have one!


I could easily cover the majority of my gigs with a TU-3, BD-2w, SD-1w and DM-2w on a PT Nano. Indeed my grab'n'go board has the Keeley modded versions of the Blues Driver and Super Overdrive along with a Polytune and a Carbon Copy. But the big board is so much fun :)


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Agreeing totally. "Boutique" pedals have sooooo oversaturated the market, wise people will wake up to Boss again and realize the grass was never actually greener on the other side, just more expensive.

This will be completed Christmas morning... just waiting to open the CH-1, PW-3 wah and the Pedaltrain Classic 1.



I love Boss, always have, I've had an SD-1 on my board since the late 80s, I'm also a huge fan of the BD-2 and DD-3, that being said I find the whole "Boss rules, Boutique sucks" attitude to be just as stupid as the "Boutique rules, affordable gear sucks" opinion which it seems to have replaced. Boss makes some great pedals, but so do a lot of other companies, and the Boss range doesn't exactly cover all bases, I wish it did it could save me some cash, but there's no Boss alternative to the Zendrive, or the Wet reverb or even the Carbon Copy, I'm aware they have reverb, analog delay and a slew of overdrives in their range but nothing that competes IMHO. Just find what works for you, needlessly tying yourself to a single brand is silly.

southpaw pete

I have been through countless Boss over the years, from the highly sought after vintage to the latest and greatest - I have always had at least one or two on my board... but over the past few months I've been on a Boss kick again. I love how easy they are to find on the used market, often at great prices, as well as how easy it is to swap around on the pedal board. So, I've started trading and buying to build up my Boss collection again.

My Boss collection currently consists of:
BD-2, OD-3, SD-1, DS-1, MT-2, CE-5, BF-2, TR-2, TU-2, RV-5, GE-7, RC-2, RC-3, DD-20, SL-20

They really do make some great pedals. I don't know that I will ever have an all-Boss board, unless just for the novelty of it. For example, I tried the CS-3, which sounded good and all, but I couldn't really justify keeping it on my board when I have a Diamond comp (I just love the sound and feel of the Diamond!), so I sold the CS-3 to help fund some other purchases. But I am heading back towards a mostly Boss board... for now lol.


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I like BOSS too, especially the SD1, but I'd never give up my Keeley Fuzz Head, Catalinbread Montavillian Echo, or Xotic EP Booster. Those pedals are essential to my sound(s) and I don't think BOSS has anything that could replace them.

As for board size, I've always used a tiny Nano board and not felt a need for more.


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They need a few more hits to make it happen.

And instead of those wazas I would love to see an analog multi drive ala GP-8 with HM-2, FZ-2, OD-3, SD-1, BD-2, DS-1, EQ-7, CS-2.
Add ability to stack up to 3 in series or parallel and that will make it.

RV-500 and multi mod would be nice too.

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