2018 Lil Dawg “D-Lux” Tweed Deluxe 12 Watt 5E3 1x12 - S#889


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Sold and shipped this amp via reverb early Dec 2019 via FedEx to Wilmington, Delaware
"Lost in warehouse" :(
FedEx has yet to pay the claim :(

Wonderful 5e3 amp and not very easy to pass off as something else.

Keep your eyes out, Delaware!



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Hey, I sent a couple guitars over the past few months, and this has happened to me twice now!! One of them was lost in the warehouse for almost 2 months before it was found and delivered, the other time was outside of Atlanta and it sat in the warehouse for over 3 weeks because of a shortage of drivers, at least that’s what they used for an excuse.

All is not lost, it could still turn up.

Sorry you have to deal with this, I was really irritated when this happened to me.


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2019, it's really been over a year? Seems if you insured it you should get the value.
If it was 2020 It might still show up. Things were a mess the last 3 months of the year.

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