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Sold 2020 PRS Prototype SC 594 Brazilian


Hello, I am selling my SC 594 Prototype.

The guitar is mint free from any kind of wear. I am the second owner. The guitar originally came from Chicago music. The guitar comes with OHSC and PRS paperwork. Awesome guitar. Really beautiful. Brazilian board plays great. 8 pounds, 15.6 ounces. Vintage pattern carve.

The 2020 SC 594 includes new 5815 LT "+" TCI pickups which are a special wind for just the Singlecut version of the 594. They are supposedly a little higher output than the regular 5815 LTs in the Doublecut version.

I'm asking $4250 shipped,

Please feel free to contact me with your questions.


P1030394.JPG P1030395.JPG P1030396.JPG P1030397.JPG P1030399.JPG P1030400.JPG P1030401.JPG P1030402.JPG P1030403.JPG P1030404.JPG P1030406.JPG P1030393.JPG
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