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2020 TGP favorite delay pedals


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I am killing it with a Line 6 Echo Park, a few DK24s, and a couple of low-watt amps.

However, it sounds so good that I am planning to get a really expensive and complicated delay. I put off using delay for a while because I know that you can have a lot of fun with those things without actually learning how to play guitar.

The important thing about delay, to me and my guild, is that it must be earned. A player who brashly enters the echoing halls of the Palace of Delay without first passing through the Dungeon of Practice and surviving the Trials of Actually Being Able To Play Guitar is a player who will annoy his neighbors terribly.


Ah yeah, JAM are ace people :) The DL circuit is really nice - I had the standard Llama once upon a time but foolishly sold it...but I always wanted the hold function, so when JAM had a sale I grabbed one. I don't use the expression input but it's a really great sounding delay! Hope you love it too!!
Yes, those at JAM are quite nice. We all do things we wish we didn't do and end up feeling like a fool, it happens. All my pedals I have and ever owned are built with one foot-switch, but never with two, so this is going to be very interesting for me. I actually plan on using the expression input, I want to make the most of this pedal. I will surely enjoy it!


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I’ve decided I’m pretty boring with delays. My favorite is still my DM-2W. Always sits well in a mix, even in front of my amps that are set slightly crunchy.

I finally got a Belle Epoch Deluxe. I love it and love the pre-amp part of it if I can run it into a slightly dirty amp set bright with humbuckers. It doesnt always play well with a lot of my dirt pedals or fuzz in front unless the amp is really clean though. And I don’t like the way the pre amp colors a completely clean amp.

Another favorite is the RE-20. If I were ever to splurge on a real tape echo unit it would be a space echo.

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Why is there not more love for the Pigtronix Echolution series? I love my v2D, the Golden Ratio setting paired with the Tape emulation and some modulation is just about the most beautiful sound I have ever heard come out of a digital box, especially in stereo with some spread to it. Running a stereo trem/panner into it is even better. There is none of that too perfect artificial sheen, but somehow it always sounds perfect.
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