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2020 TGP favorite delay pedals


Silver Supporting Member
Analogman ARDX 20
Boss DD-3
Alexander Quadrant
Strymon El Capistan
Catalinbread Montavillon
HX Stomp


Silver Supporting Member
-I had the Strymon Volante at the beginning of the year for a few weeks. Sounded good, but really blew me away in stereo! A friend begged me to sell it to him, so I did. I just don’t do enough stereo guitar stuff right now to justify it.
-Got a Fulltone TTE tape delay. More for using on songs during mixing, it’s really fun hooked up on an AUX send on the console 100% wet. People love it! I’m happy with it on those duties, but honestly not all that blown away by it is a guitar delay. Still a really fun unit, but I would go back to the Volante in a heartbeat if it were just for guitar.
-My all time favorite, bought on a whim when they first came out: The Boss DM-2W... This thing has continued to rock my world sound wise and is quite flexible with the wet and dry outs. I think I payed like $100 for it with a GC coupon. I liked it so much better than my original Diamond Memory Lane and a few other expensive/heavy hitters. Every delay fan should have one of these on their board, just a no brained at the price.


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I took a shot in the dark and bought a SolidGoldFX Electroman MkII. It does not disappoint! Lots of cool features in this pedal with the effects insert, great sounding modulation, dual delay mode and the warp switch. I am a fan!
I have nothing to compare it to, but a new one for 2020 is the Dream Mender by Mojo Hand FX... super clear delay with chorus or vibe added if desired.


My two favorites are the simple Boss DD7, due to the built in modulation effect, as I hardly ever use delay without a chorus effect, for at least my music that is.

And I also realllllly dig the Dunable Eidolon pedal as well, Delay, reverb, and boost all in one pedal, and theyre really high quality sounds too.

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