2021, Who Has An OCD On Their Board?


I just came back to it after a very long hiatus. Recently picked up a v1.4 and a v1.7 and I’m digging on both. It’s a very versatile pedal. Running them through a tweed Bassman. I liked the gain knob set at so many different spots I had to get two. The v1.7 does the higher gain stuff better. But that v1.4 is still really sweet for the low gain stuff. Plan is to split them up between my two boards.

Also I was shocked while shopping for them to see the current prices on the earlier versions. I never thought that would happen. My first one way back (borrowed from a friend) was a v1.3 and found it a little too bass heavy. Second was a v1.4 I bought new and I liked it much better and missed it, hence why I started back there.


Yes. I use mine (v1.6) as a clean boost in front of my other dirt. Sometimes I turn the volume down a smidge and bring the drive up to about 8 o'clock. But mostly I have the drive all the way down and volume and tone at 2 o'clock in low peak mode. Such a great clean boost. Love it.

I also have the GE and it does not do the same job for me. Have not bonded with the GE truth be told.


Didn't know there were different versions. What are the differences?
I have the D&M Drive, and the Dan side is OCD-ish. Sounds amazing. Seriously, one of the best mid-gain OD/Distortion pedals through my amp, and stacks amazingly well (but I do keep the gain down around 9:00).


I do the same as the OP. 1.4 and 1.7.

have the 1.4 on right now.

ryra>fd2(non-mosfet)>ocd 1.4

Tried the .4, .5, .6, .7 and 2.0. I did like the the 2.0 okay but it had a little more bass than I wanted. Wouldn’t mind trying a 2.1 at some point.


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Danced with the OCD three times and moved on. I just found similar pedals that behave better on a lager with other pedals.

OCD is good as a single pedal or with one or two others only.


I do. It is very versatile. It is a GAS killer pedal for me. When I get sick of my drive sound and want a new pedal, I try to see if I can get there using my current gear first. I’ve been very surprised at how good the OCD is at many different gain staging roles. I currently have it as the last in the chain in LP mode at 18v with the gain just barely cracked on doing transparent “my amp turned up simulation” duties. I stack a Rat and a Bad Bob into it currently. Killed my GAS for jumping on a bluesbreaker type pedal (at least jumping early before my name comes up on the KOT list in 6-8 months).


I use my OCD v.2 into a Vox Mv50 clean.
It is used as a mid to high gain distortion pedal.
It does what it says well, it's a very aggressive rock n roll machine that I particularly love with the bridge pickup of my Telecaster.
Its great for that application/
I also have a Hotcake and then pedal does low overdrive very well, if you have them both Athen all gain stages are accounted for.


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Still have it.
Still have it on the board.
Still like it.
Played it this morning for a few minutes.

Steve Y.

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I had one for a couple of days earlier this year and couldn't get along with it. It was a v2.X and had the 'enhanced bypass' setting or whatever it was called, and when that setting was enabled I would hear very distant distorted tone (the tone of the pedal when engaged) in the signal when the pedal was bypassed. I did not even want to venture down the road of discussing whether this was a design flaw so I flipped the pedal and moved on.

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