2022 TGP Favorite Delay Pedals

Inspired by this thread, what are your favorite delays in 2022?

My newest favorite: Line 6 DL4 MKII (and hopefully the Boss RE-2 when I get it)
Old mainstays: Line 6 Echo Park, Ibanez DE7, Boss DD-2, and MXR Carbon Copy

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Things I own:
Moog MF-104M - My favorite, but stays at the studio
Diamond Memory Lane Jr. DLX (great for washy stuff)
Diamond Counter Point (tape mode great for percussive stuff)
MXR Carbon Copy Mini (just got, great for slapback, makes me wanna get the CC Deluxe at some point)
Montreal Assembly Count to 5 (mode 3 and 2 are simply amazing)
Chase Bliss Mood (with midi can make a ton of really unique sounds, especially using CCs and expression to control the clock speed)
Red Panda Particle V2 (awesome for glitchy stuff, though prob will be selling soon)

Things I've tried recently but never owned:
Asheville Music Tools ADG-1 (sounded so good in the store, but really need tap tempo for my purposes)
EHX Memory Man Nano (sounded awesome in the store as well, same need for tap tempo)

Things I've owned in last couple of years but sold:
Eventide Rose (very good sound, presets, midi, clock speed change, almost all the features I could want but I liked the core sound of my Diamond pedals better).
Chase Bliss Therame (very cool sequencer and lots of unique stuff, but repeats distorted too quick and didn't like the base tone as much as the diamond and moog)
Chase Bliss Tonal Recall RKM (also didn't like how high feedback distorted too easily and liked the sound of my Diamond and Moog pedals better)
Suhr Discovery (good feature set and UI, but couldn't get the base tone where I wanted and found the mix knob to be too sensitive)
Alexander Radical Delay DX (some really fun modes, kinda wish I kept)
Alexander Quadrant (didn't really bond with the base tone)
Empress Echo System (didn't bond with the base tone and mix knob too sensitive)
Banana Mandala (awesome little glitch machine, kinda wish I kept too)
I almost forgot this one.

IMO, it's the most powerful portable delay pedal out there.

Not a pedal but too cool...............

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