22n = pico or nano ?????


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Caps question.

I am currently putting together a parts list to make a 2204. According to the schematic unless otherwise noted, “All Capacitors are 400v Polyester”. For example, one of the caps I am looking for is marked as a “22n”.

Does that mean 22pF (pico) and is the “n” the tolerance? Or, does it mean 22nF (nano)?

If I am looking for a 22pf, I have not been able to find a 400v. I have found 200v and 500v and these were not “polyester”. All my searching was on mouser.com.

Does it matter what the cap is made of as long as I get a 22pf and 400v?
Can you use higher voltage caps without hurting the amp?

Here is a list of caps in my list:

470p disk
1n disk
50+50u 450V
50+50u 500V
47p disk
10u 100V

I am assuming disk means ceramic disk.

Sorry for the freshman question. Just need a little help.



To use this table, just read across. For example, 1uF is same 1,000nF or 1,000,000pF.

1uF / MFD 1000nF 1000000pF---------0.001uF / MFD 1nF 1000pF
0.82uF / MFD 820nF 820000pF---------0.00082uF / MFD 0.82nF 820pF
0.8uF / MFD 800nF 800000pF---------0.0008uF / MFD 0.8nF 800pF
0.7uF / MFD 700nF 700000pF---------0.0007uF / MFD 0.7nF 700pF
0.68uF / MFD 680nF 680000pF---------0.00068uF / MFD 0.68nF 680pF
0.6uF / MFD 600nF 600000pF---------0.0006uF / MFD 0.6nF 600pF
0.56uF / MFD 560nF 560000pF---------0.00056uF / MFD 0.56nF 560pF
0.5uF / MFD 500nF 500000pF---------0.0005uF / MFD 0.5nF 500pF
0.47uF / MFD 470nF 470000pF---------0.00047uF / MFD 0.47nF 470pF
0.4uF / MFD 400nF 400000pF---------0.0004uF / MFD 0.4nF 400pF
0.39uF / MFD 390nF 390000pF---------0.00039uF / MFD 0.39nF 390pF
0.33uF / MFD 330nF 330000pF---------0.00033uF / MFD 0.33nF 330pF
0.3uF / MFD 300nF 300000pF---------0.0003uF / MFD 0.3nF 300pF
0.27uF / MFD 270nF 270000pF---------0.00027uF / MFD 0.27nF 270pF
0.25uF / MFD 250nF 250000pF---------0.00025uF / MFD 0.25nF 250pF
0.22uF / MFD 220nF 220000pF---------0.00022uF / MFD 0.22nF 220pF
0.2uF / MFD 200nF 200000pF---------0.0002uF / MFD 0.2nF 200pF
0.18uF / MFD 180nF 180000pF---------0.00018uF / MFD 0.18nF 180pF
0.15uF / MFD 150nF 150000pF---------0.00015uF / MFD 0.15nF 150pF
0.12uF / MFD 120nF 120000pF---------0.00012uF / MFD 0.12nF 120pF
0.1uF / MFD 100nF 100000pF---------0.0001uF / MFD 0.1nF 100pF
0.082uF / MFD 82nF 82000pF---------0.000082uF / MFD 0.082nF 82pF
0.08uF / MFD 80nF 80000pF--------- 0.00008uF / MFD 0.08nF 80pF
0.07uF / MFD 70nF 70000pF--------- 0.00007uF / MFD 0.07nF 70pF
0.068uF / MFD 68nF 68000pF---------0.000068uF / MFD 0.068nF 68pF
0.06uF / MFD 60nF 60000pF--------- 0.00006uF / MFD 0.06nF 60pF
0.056uF / MFD 56nF 56000pF---------0.000056uF / MFD 0.056nF 56pF
0.05uF / MFD 50nF 50000pF--------- 0.00005uF / MFD 0.05nF 50pF
0.047uF / MFD 47nF 47000pF---------0.000047uF / MFD 0.047nF 47pF
0.04uF / MFD 40nF 40000pF--------- 0.00004uF / MFD 0.04nF 40pF
0.039uF / MFD 39nF 39000pF---------0.000039uF / MFD 0.039nF 39pF
0.033uF / MFD 33nF 33000pF---------0.000033uF / MFD 0.033nF 33pF
0.03uF / MFD 30nF 30000pF--------- 0.00003uF / MFD 0.03nF 30pF
0.027uF / MFD 27nF 27000pF---------0.000027uF / MFD 0.027nF 27pF
0.025uF / MFD 25nF 25000pF---------0.000025uF / MFD 0.025nF 25pF
0.022uF / MFD 22nF 22000pF---------0.000022uF / MFD 0.022nF 22pF
0.02uF / MFD 20nF 20000pF--------- 0.00002uF / MFD 0.02nF 20pF
0.018uF / MFD 18nF 18000pF---------0.000018uF / MFD 0.018nF 18pF
0.015uF / MFD 15nF 15000pF---------0.000015uF / MFD 0.015nF 15pF
0.012uF / MFD 12nF 12000pF---------0.000012uF / MFD 0.012nF 12pF
0.01uF / MFD 10nF 10000pF--------- 0.00001uF / MFD 0.01nF 10pF
0.0082uF / MFD 8.2nF 8200pF---------0.0000082uF / MFD 0.0082nF 8.2pF
0.008uF / MFD 8nF 8000pF--------- 0.000008uF / MFD 0.008nF 8pF
0.007uF / MFD 7nF 7000pF--------- 0.000007uF / MFD 0.007nF 7pF
0.0068uF / MFD 6.8nF 6800pF---------0.0000068uF / MFD 0.0068nF 6.8pF
0.006uF / MFD 6nF 6000pF--------- 0.000006uF / MFD 0.006nF 6pF
0.0056uF / MFD 5.6nF 5600pF---------0.0000056uF / MFD 0.0056nF 5.6pF
0.005uF / MFD 5nF 5000pF--------- 0.000005uF / MFD 0.005nF 5pF
0.0047uF / MFD 4.7nF 4700pF---------0.0000047uF / MFD 0.0047nF 4.7pF
0.004uF / MFD 4nF 4000pF--------- 0.000004uF / MFD 0.004nF 4pF
0.0039uF / MFD 3.9nF 3900pF---------0.0000039uF / MFD 0.0039nF 3.9pF
0.0033uF / MFD 3.3nF 3300pF---------0.0000033uF / MFD 0.0033nF 3.3pF
0.003uF / MFD 3nF 3000pF--------- 0.000003uF / MFD 0.003nF 3pF
0.0027uF / MFD 2.7nF 2700pF---------0.0000027uF / MFD 0.0027nF 2.7pF
0.0025uF / MFD 2.5nF 2500pF---------0.0000025uF / MFD 0.0025nF 2.5pF
0.0022uF / MFD 2.2nF 2200pF---------0.0000022uF / MFD 0.0022nF 2.2pF
0.002uF / MFD 2nF 2000pF--------- 0.000002uF / MFD 0.002nF 2pF
0.0018uF / MFD 1.8nF 1800pF---------0.0000018uF / MFD 0.0018nF 1.8pF
0.0015uF / MFD 1.5nF 1500pF---------0.0000015uF / MFD 0.0015nF 1.5pF
0.0012uF / MFD 1.2nF 1200pF---------0.0000012uF / MFD 0.0012nF 1.2pF
0.001uF / MFD 1nF 1000pF--------- 0.000001uF / MFD 0.001nF 1pF



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KCTX2. Thanks man!!! I have been sitting here moving decimal places around preying I don't screw the pooch. :) Thanks again man!!!
KCTX2. Thanks man!!! I have been sitting here moving decimal places around preying I don't screw the pooch. :) Thanks again man!!!

+1 on that! I often have to divert to the Internet to make sure I'm making the conversions correctly. I've wished I've had something like this on a few occasions!


Giga started in 1960?? So who in the heck did the professor in back to the future figure out he needed to put 1.5 Gigawats of power into the flux capacitor in the 50's then?!!

I smell a rat here..

It just so happens that 1 "Jigawatt" = 1 Gigawatt, so conversion to SI in 1960 was easy... :D



If a cap is marked as "223" that means its 22 000 pF, aka 22n

Unlike resistors which use Ω as the base, cap's use pF

Sometimes y'all will see 2n2, which is 2.2nF

Then when you get into electrolytics you'll see 22,000uF, which could be written as 22mF. Note that 22mF and 22MF are entirely different things so case sensitive very important here.

Yes, I know, confusing.

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